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BOCK clothing online store

BOCK is a young fashion brand from Berlin deeply rooted in our club culture with sustainability at its core and with a social component.

Our collections are crafted to fulfill the urge to be more active; clothes that reflect an active lifestyle, for open minded and conscious people. Classic cuts without gender markers using flexible organic fabrics combined with our memorable logo, from the German word Bock and base of our motto.

Our brand aims to be part of your rave and everyday experience by providing timeless, long-lasting, versatile clothes. The perfect way to stay stylish and have the comfort and freedom of movement necessary for you to be active, move and dance.

Our Vision is to build a brand that is in tune with our culture and contributes to our environment. By becoming even more sustainable, even more social and even more local, while providing timeless fashion that keeps you active, moving & raving.

In Bock we minimize our impact on the environment and constantly work towards a sustainable supply chain. We support the cultural scene and club culture by donating 10% of our revenue.

We believe in building a community of strong individuals connected by values and cultural interests. To learn more, check our Culture section.



We are constantly reviewing and implementing new strategies to enhance our sustainable and responsible business practices.

For Now

Climate Friendly

EarthPositive® means low carbon production. Thanks to the closed-loop production, these CO2 emissions are significantly reduced during the entire cycle from cultivation to processing, packaging and transport. Every station in the production process is checked. The energy required comes from renewable energy resources, especially wind power. The natural CO2 emissions during cultivation and transport are offset by increased production of green energy.

Environmentally Friendly

EarthPositive® products are supplied in PVC-free packaging and 100% recyclable cardboard.

Made of Organic

EarthPositive® is certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which not only includes the cotton, but the entire production process as well as packaging, etc.

Vegan Certified

No animal has to suffer for EarthPositive® products. We manufacture clothing without animal ingredients and animal testing, which is an important part of our "fair" company philosophy.

Ethical Business

The Continental Clothing Company is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and thus supports fair and ethical working conditions worldwide. "¹

¹Quote from EarthPositiv®


Our printing inks for screen printing meet at least Oekotex 100 and are approved for children's toys.
The thread for the embroidery is not an organic cotton thread but also meets at least Oekotex 100.

Supporting Our Culture

We support our club scene and other artistic related projects. From October 1st, 2020 we donate 10% of our sales to non-profit organizations as the Berlin club commission and other social projects to preserve the club culture.



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